Design Your Class Ring

I’ve designed my class ring and I must say it is really cute. They give you different styles and options to choose from to add or take off of your ring.   I still wear my class ring from high school, as being to graduate with Honor’s was not only an achievement for me, but a victory for my parents hard work and support. To me, it’s a treasure I wear to remind me to NEVER stop learning. You can design your class ring or have Joy Jewelers design it for you.

Boys' Nugget Class RingBoys' Elite Bling Class Ring

Logo Mugs

I am not one who gets any special kicks out of boasting about any of my works of art. But, I just had a second mug made with a new logo or design. And I am so proud to say that they it came out so beautifully. The logo mugs cheap at and of good quality. They also decorate quality coffee mugs with your corporate or club logo.

logo coffee mugslogo coffee mugs



Mackie Mixers

Can’t say enough good things about mackie mixers, I’ve had a CR 1604 for a year and a 2nd gen mixwiz that’s probably the same age or older. That said my main desk is 2x yamaha 01V built in 98. Both are excellent. With yamaha though they produce many many different types and price points. Over the years they’ve had some good small mackie mixers. In the last 5+ years they’ve been on point though.

Mackie CR 1604

Fashion Jewellery

Fashion JewelleryFashion Jewellery

Imitation jewellery and fashion jewellery are not the same. Both types can look very cheap, but if well made they look great.  You can find a lot of great looking fashion jewelry online. I have some really beautiful “cheap” pieces, but when I wear them I get stopped and receive comments about their beauty.

Now that is value to me. I don’t get the same remarks when I wear the few pieces of fine jewellery I possess.

I have sold a few pieces basically by wearing them (not the ones I am wearing, but of the same I have in stock).

I was in Prague a few years back and snagged a few fashion jewellery items for myself and my Mom. They are very well-made, but since they are not trying to imitate expensive jewellery they don’t look cheap at all.



Dog Collars and Leads

I just got the Sporting Dog Pro. You can get a GARMIN ALPHA 100 GPS TRAINING & TRACKING COLLAR (2-DOG COMBO) for only $1,099.98. There it is boys the new garmin alpha, shocker and tracker. The collars last 48 hours and the handheld is rechargable with a 20 hour life span. They definetly didn’t improve on pricing. $1,099.98 package doesnt sound too bad.  Will hold 20 collars. Click the link to check out the best collars and leads.

Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Training & Tracking Collar



500 series rack

I’m not using the 500 series rack yet, but I’m seriously considering. I was thinking to start with the Elysia XPressor or NVelope & building in a 6 space Lindell 506 Power from there. I was thinking not only for recording but also using on top of my amp live. It allows you to mix and match any pieces depending on what you need, and it gives you a broad selection in just a small number of rack spaces.

lindell audiolindell audiolindell audio

Presonus Firebox

Worked straight out of the box and never missed a beat. Solidly built little fella. I can only compare it to a few other audio interfaces I’ve used in the past (an old USB Tascam USsomething, m-audio mobile pre, a tapco Link.USB and a cheap behringer mixer) and it sounds much better to those rightly so, cheaper, interfaces. No problems with reliability, though I have only used it for getting my sounds into my computer and haven’t exactly stretched it. 2 channels of backing music and 1 channel for click track, should be great for my application. Get your presonus firebox at guitar center.
presonus firebox mixerpresonus firebox firewire
presonus firebox

Seventy Seven Serien Lighting

This minimalist suspension lamp dates back to 1977. In cooperation with its creator – the Dutch architect and Euro
coin designer Bruno Ninaber van Eyben – they have produced a newer, modified edition of the suspension lamp.
Unlike the original version, this lamp can be switched on and off as well as be dimmed to any desired light
intensity. An electronic ballast now also provides flicker-free light, fast lamp start, prolonged lifetime of the
light bulb and high energy efficiency. The reflector can be swivelled, allowing the light direction to be controlled.
Seventy Seven is ideal for lighting up workstations.  The best and wide selection of Serien lighting – Buy at  
ceiling lightserien lighting seventy seven


Personalized Coin Gift

personalizedBy engraving her name, and your wishes, the coin becomes unique… like her/him!

I like the gold coins because it is precious just like her/him, with red around the personalized coin, for passion and love from you that surrounds her/him. Oh boy…. What things are coming in my mind!!! Probably because a few days ago my mother had her birthday too!

Hey… I wouldn’t buy her an antique gold!!  You never know where her mind will go!!!  …Just kiding!!!!



Pure Amygdalin

The seeds of apricot, peach, etc(most concentrated form of vit b-17/amygdalin of all the foods)..are not toxic, you can safely eat even 10 at once if you wanted to. hehe.. keep in mind that even life-essential water or oxygen is fatal if taken in unnaturally large doses.

Laetrile is a synthetic which adds a second glucose molecule to the nitriloside Amygdalin, thereby making it easier for the body to assimilate. (Laetrile is not Amygdalin.  Laetrile is a man made element. pure amygdalin occurs naturally in nature).  Actually, for years, standard pharmacology reference books have described this substance [laetrile] as “non-toxic”. Asprin is 20 times more toxic than the equievelant amount of laetrile, and it’s even less toxic than sugar.