Vox AC30

You’re in for a treat if you are going to use an AC30. I believe Mike Blumfield played Les Paul into a AC30. Peter Green is another one. Pedals will become more important than with a single coil cause in my opinon its going to be more picky. Its gonna be some dark and some hairy…all good things. I play mostly through my neck pickup with the tone rolled all the way up and the volume at about 8 (leaving a little room to roll it up the rest when wanted.) My lead or bridge pickup with the tone rolled almost all the way down. The volume I roll almost all the way up, to equal the neck pickup or I roll the volume all the way off to move the switch selector back and forth as a strobe kinda deal (only end one song a set like this, or your gonna look like a douche.) Ac30 and a Paul is awesome in my opinion. If you have gear like your favorite artist all you will ever do is sound like someone who is already getting the credit for that sound. (Cept me, in cover bands..when I get to play, cause that’s sometimes the point). Visit the link to shop vox ac30

TV Mounts

Sometimes the house feels a bit crowded with all the things we have and also the things we want to add. We like the new televisions that come out and also the home theater systems that we can add to a room and enjoy. To make it a bit more space saving, tv stands with mounts can be used to mount the TV on a wall or make the TV easier to move when needed. If ever there is a need to move things around, having the TV on a stand with wheels will allow us to just push the TV to a better position along with the DVD or Blu-ray player or home entertainment system.

Briefcase for Business

Bringing a lot of papers and documents for a meeting or during travel can sometimes be a hassle. The bag should prevent the papers or documents from being crumpled or disorganized. To keep these documents safe while travelling or while moving about, a Kenneth Cole briefcase can be used. Not only documents can be brought but even a laptop can be protected by the bag. It is functional and at the same time, stylish.