Affordable Pignose Amps

Pignose AmpI recently went to buy a Pignose for my Tele Deluxe for home/portable use. I ended up with the Pignose Hog 30 Amp instead. It has an 8″ speaker and a 30W amp. Funk Bass switch for extra punch and depth. Also features volume and master volume controls as well as a 3-band EQ. I like it a lot (for what it is), but it depends on the sound your after. They are also very affordable pignose amps. It doesn’t do Fender clean, but then neither do the ‘Noses that I’ve heard. If the Fender sound is your thing, try the Fender Pro Jr.


Izotope Ozone

I use ozone 4 and it is very easy to use.  It is worth every penny.  I am planning to upgrade to Izotope Ozone 5.  I understand they made improvements in a lot of their algorithms. The user interface is also upgraded with a little more felxibilty.  Again very easy to use.  I am not a trained master mixer but learned a lot be just taking a wave and going trough to see what each plugin does. Just play with it, the learning curve is very easy and again worth every penny.  You will be surprised how you can take a mediocre recording and turn it into something special.




Discount Cigars

Famous Smoke CigarsI know there must be more than a few of you who, like Fidel Castro, enjoy a fine cigar.  The is a great source for premium cigars. They offer discount cigars and/or low prices because at the Famous Smoke Shop you are not paying for the fancy woodwork and leather chairs that adorn so many cigar shops and lounges.  They ship everywhere in the U.S. directly via UPS from their climate-controlled humidor.



Having old food from office refrigerator removed

Frigidaire FPRH19D7LFNo one is gonna remove the old food. Just put a notice on the frig that at the end of the day all food in the frig will be tossed and that starting today any food left in the frig will be thrown out. Maybe make it a policy that food will be tossed every Monday morning or Friday by the end of working hours. Of course things that are used by the work community (like creamer for the coffee) will be left in there but everything else will be tossed. This works if you’re working in an office that is open Monday to Friday.

What a friend of mine did to have the the old food removed from the  Frigidaire fprh19d7lf office ref is he sent a memo/email out letting everyone know that due to the molded food left in the refrigerator this is the new policy for the lunchroom.

Printing Yard Sign Locally

Yard Sign
First you need to create your yard sign by sketching out what you would like your sign to look like as well as the information it needs to include. Next, you should think about creating a more detailed image for your yard sign design in a graphics program like Photoshop. You can create highly professional-looking signs in Photoshop and continue to fine-tune your image by working in layers until you are satisfied with the result. When working in layers, you can select different elements to change, while not affecting the other design elements you have created in other layers. You can add photos or other graphics to your overall image and then choose from a variety of filters, fonts and colors to create your ideal yard sign.

Then take your saved design to a local yard sign printing company so that you can have your image printed. You also need to check with the printer to determine what type of file format it requires.