Maracas For Orchestral Percussion

For orchestral percussion, you will need a good set of bongos (pref on stand), congas (at least 2),a few different sized cow bells,  ago go bells,a tube shaker,rhythmtech tc-fml large maracas at guitar center, caxixi (woven basket  shakers), claves,tabourine, small thin crash that will

respond to your hand,triangle,samba whistleflexitone,affuche  vibra slap,guiro timbales,rain stick,wood block,.  That should be a good start to get any work with a band, providing of course that you can play these instruments.

Software Security Solutions

Honestly, 90% of the “hacking” books and resources out there are junk. While they may give you insight into how script kiddies work, most don’t go much further than that.

The only true way to understand computer security is to understand systems (software and/or hardware in some cases) very thoroughly. In wholly understanding a given system, you will also be able to identify its weak points and vulnerabilities.

Other good resources are:

National Vulnerability Database
The Open Source Vulnerability Database

Having said all that, it’s been quite some time since I invested any time into security-related matters, so there may be other resources that I’m not aware of.

Best Fiberfill

I’m building my first pond (approx. 600 gallons) and I want to build my own filter as well. The cheapest and best fiberfill that I saw is the polyester fiberfill that I will use as a mechanical filter media.  This stuff is very similar to what is used in our power filter for our indoor aquarium, and I thought that since this stuff was relatively inexpensive, that it would be good for this purpose.  I would use the polyester fiberfill on top of a layer of lava rock (as the biomass part of the filter) and then a coarser material (screen or mesh) on top of that to catch the big stuff.



Paris Luxury Apartment

I’ve used for Paris apartment rentals. It seemed to work pretty good for me. The Paris Luxe people just match you up and host the listings. They do more than that, but that’s it in a nutshell.

The apartments are high end, beautifully decorated and have great amenities. I have used them almost every time that I go to Paris. You will not be disappointed for sure.

I plugged in Paris during mid-April for 4 nights and quite a few availability came up. Give it a look and see.