Discount Cigars

Famous Smoke CigarsI know there must be more than a few of you who, like Fidel Castro, enjoy a fine cigar.  The is a great source for premium cigars. They offer discount cigars and/or low prices because at the Famous Smoke Shop you are not paying for the fancy woodwork and leather chairs that adorn so many cigar shops and lounges.  They ship everywhere in the U.S. directly via UPS from their climate-controlled humidor.




Cigar smokers have their own preferences when it comes to their cigars. They love the smell and taste of their favorite cigars. Some even have stocks at home so they can always have a smoke anytime they want. They buy some and leave them at home in their own humidor. Humidors help keep the cigars in a storage that has a certain humidity which may be about 70 percent. It keeps the cigars moist and fresh.

Sweet Cigars

A lot of my friends smoke. They just love the taste and would always be smoking at breaktimes and after eating lunch. Somehow it helps them ease the tension and also helps them loosen their tummies when on a full stomach after eating a hearty meal. Different people prefer different types of cigars depending on their taste. There are swisher cigars that have a sweet blend that is also mild that people would like. There are also other cigars that taste like chocolate or of a different blend. They may be the perfect gift for someone who thinks of taste when smoking cigars.

Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking has been a way for lots of people to pass the time, relieve stress or to just have something to do while relaxing. But with the health risks involved and the limitations set by laws, some cut back on smoking and enjoy it less. Others use electronic cigarettes as an alternative. It gives the pleasure of a regular cigarette or tobacco and have different flavors too. It can give satisfaction for as long as its electronic cigarette battery life.

Smoking Cigars

Different people have different tastes when it comes to cigars. But even though they have different preferences, they all like to smoke a cigar to relax themselves or enjoy the taste after a good meal. Some like to smoke with their friends and others alone to help them think things out. It’s their way to ease their minds and take away their stress. It’s sometimes their way to help them deal with their problems.


When we think of a business manager or a high ranking official, we might just picture them on a large desk in a big office smoking on a pipe or a cigar. But not all of them actually smoke and not all cigar smokers are only businessmen or officials. Anyone who has taste for cigars smoke them. The cigars have rich taste and seductive aroma. Different cigars like cao cigars have a certain taste that is irresistible to smokers. I guess that’s why lots of people love to smoke cigars while relaxing on a sofa.