Software Security Solutions

Honestly, 90% of the “hacking” books and resources out there are junk. While they may give you insight into how script kiddies work, most don’t go much further than that.

The only true way to understand computer security is to understand systems (software and/or hardware in some cases) very thoroughly. In wholly understanding a given system, you will also be able to identify its weak points and vulnerabilities.

Other good resources are:

National Vulnerability Database
The Open Source Vulnerability Database

Having said all that, it’s been quite some time since I invested any time into security-related matters, so there may be other resources that I’m not aware of.

Endpoint Antivirus

Data is important in a business. There are records and transactions that keeps the business running. It is going to hurt the business if that data is lost or tampered with. The server is usually protected by antivirus and security software but the end-users should also have some kind of protection. There are some files that may not reach the server yet and can be tampered with by viruses and malware. It would be better to have protection like the ESET Endpoint Antivirus at It will keep data safe and secure especially at critical business hours when a lot of data and records are always used.

Virus Scanner

Nowadays, it is easy to get a virus on the computer by just visiting some websites. There are just some sites that don’t have protection and somehow infect your computer with some kind of virus that will affect its performance. If the computer does not have any protection yet, an online virus scanner can be used to help remove some viruses and trojans from the computer. Removing the unwanted infections can return the computer to its normal operation and run without problems with the software.

Backup Services

Every company uses computers for processing and office automation. Everything is done faster with the aid of computers. Documents and files are also saved in computers. For bigger companies, there are also servers that save these files and documents. They have archives of older files that are always available in case they are needed. But there are times that these files need backup. It is not sure that the server will always be running especially after some years. There is also the threat of viruses and malware that can destroy files. With this in mind, disaster backup is needed. Scheduled services for saving backup files and archives should be done so that in case of problems, there are still files that are saved and not all are affected. Business can still be done as usual with little or no delay even with the loss of some data.

Slow Computer

It is quite frustrating when you are working with a slow computer. Everything seems to take a lot of time even when you are just browsing for things to buy. Sometimes saving files needed for the office also takes time and it just feels like the computer is not able to do anything else when this happens. There are software that help on how to speed up computer processes. They also maintain the system and fix issues that makes the PC slow down. It is quite a tool especially for offices that uses computers to automate their systems.

RFID Credit Cards

RFID tags are getting more and more used nowadays. Some of its uses are for car identification so authorities can check if a car is registered, toll roads where vehicles with tags can pass through a special lane for payment or electronic toll collection and even for use in a game center where the cards are loaded with an amount and used for playing games in the center. There are also RFID credit cards for easier payment. There may come a time that you just need to pass by a counter with the stuff you are buying and put it in your bag without the need to get anything from your bag.

Personal Laptop

A lot of people have their own laptops and a lot more are planning to buy one for their own. It is very convenient and can be brought almost anywhere. Work can be done and even surfing on a laptop. When there is nothing to do or if there is time to rest, movies and music can be played on the laptop. The laptop need not be too expensive. There are cheap laptops that can do what we need and is sufficient to finish our work out of the office. A lot of things can still be done on your personal laptop especially if you cannot leave your work behind.

Auto Estimating Program

Auto body shops have free estimate services for customers who are looking to have their vehicle repaired. The cost of repair depends on how much work is needed to be done and how much the parts may cost. But there are times that there are lots of customers and you would like your people to concentrate on the work to finish it faster. Having someone to estimate a new vehicle that comes in can take up some time. With the use of an auto estimating software, logic-based cost can be provided the customer in much lesser time. Since what is most probably needed is already in the database, there is no need to overestimate the cost.

Insurance Quotes

Everybody has some kind of insurance. It may be insurance for a car, house, health insurance or life insurance. Having insurance is useful during emergencies especially at these trying times. With the increase in prices, people try to look for cheaper insurance with acceptable policies. They visit different sites like trustedquote to compare the prices of policies offered by different insurance companies. Some even apply for insurance online which is more convenient.

Scanning Software

A lot of companies are going paperless and relying more on document management software that includes a scanner software. With the use of computers, files and documents are easily transferred, sent and shared to other people in the company. They can also be easily sent to other companies in another city, state or country. The documents can be saved in a central computer that can be accessed only by those who are authorized to. When needed, it can easily be searched and displayed on the screen. Processing of things would be faster and more efficient without going through a lot of papers in different drawers and filing cabinets.