Logo Mugs

I am not one who gets any special kicks out of boasting about any of my works of art. But, I just had a second mug made with a new logo or design. And I am so proud to say that they it came out so beautifully. The logo mugs cheap at buypromosonline.com and of good quality. They also decorate quality coffee mugs with your corporate or club logo.

logo coffee mugslogo coffee mugs



Fashion Jewellery

Fashion JewelleryFashion Jewellery

Imitation jewellery and fashion jewellery are not the same. Both types can look very cheap, but if well made they look great.  You can find a lot of great looking fashion jewelry online. I have some really beautiful “cheap” pieces, but when I wear them I get stopped and receive comments about their beauty.

Now that is value to me. I don’t get the same remarks when I wear the few pieces of fine jewellery I possess.

I have sold a few pieces basically by wearing them (not the ones I am wearing, but of the same I have in stock).

I was in Prague a few years back and snagged a few fashion jewellery items for myself and my Mom. They are very well-made, but since they are not trying to imitate expensive jewellery they don’t look cheap at all.



Personalized Coin Gift

personalizedBy engraving her name, and your wishes, the coin becomes unique… like her/him!

I like the gold coins because it is precious just like her/him, with red around the personalized coin, for passion and love from you that surrounds her/him. Oh boy…. What things are coming in my mind!!! Probably because a few days ago my mother had her birthday too!

Hey… I wouldn’t buy her an antique gold!!  You never know where her mind will go!!!  …Just kiding!!!!



Tissot 2 Year Guarantee

In order to get the Tissot 2 Year Guarantee or in my case the international warranty you need to buy it from an Authorized dealer. As long as you get a little wallet sized card with the date of purchase, reference number, stamp of dealer and serial # your all good. Now I don’t know if you get a watch from amazon or the dealer on ebay, if it comes with this stuff. So before you buy online you should make sure all this stuff is available to you

I would also recommend checking out Tissot’s website for information on the warranty and also they have a FAQ on the list of Tissot watches including all the ISO standards built in to the watch.


Oboz Luna Hiking Shoes

You might think that buying shoes is not a big deal… and you can buy them instantly without thinking the good and the bad’s about the shoes you are about to buy. Often people buy designer shoes irrespective of the fact that they fit properly. A good shoe is one which is a perfect fit, is comfortable and is comfortable all the times and there is no exception when they are not comfortable.

Oboz Luna is a reliable and durable brand name of hiking shoes as well as the kind of durability the shoes are having.  The cushions of the shoes are soft, comfortable and is worth spending so much amount on. The shoes are tolerant enough to make high jumps and have breathability.

Warm Jackets

Warm jackets or sweaters will be needed if travelling to a place where it is cold or snowy. The jacket should keep you warm and cozy even if you have to work outdoors on a cold day. A Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T would be a great gift to a person that is always outdoors because of work or if he just likes to travel even in the cold. It would help in shielding him a bit from the cold when hiking playing in the cold weather.

Perfume Atomizer

There may be times when we need to smell fresh again especially after a day of work. Women usually have bags with different accessories to freshen up like powder and perfume. A lot use a perfume atomizer to easily spray the scent all over making her smell great again. Men can also use perfume atomizers especially during travels. It would help with giving a good first impression to people he meets. Spraying the perfume with an atomizer is easier than pouring the perfume and trying to spread it all over.

Equestrian Clothing

Horseback riding can be really uncomfortable. It is also not easy to stay on a horse when it is running or jumping. Even though it is not easy, it is something that equestrians learn to do. Someone who loves horses and loves to ride on them also begin to learn how to make the horses do what they want. If you know someone learning horseback riding, equestrian riding apparel can be a great gift for them. They will look like professionals and the clothing will also help them stay on the horse longer and feel more comfortable while riding the horse.


Though many people like playing the piano or the guitar, there are also those who like to play other instruments like the violin, flute or clarinet. They all have a certain sound that distinguishes them from other instruments. Someone who is interested in musical instruments can be given gifts like trombones or Yamaha clarinets at wwbw. If they are interested in a certain instrument, it will surely be a great gift for them and you would immediately hear them trying to play it.

Hockey Gifts

People like different sports. One of them is hockey which is a favorite by a lot of people. Hockey fans have their own favorite teams that they support and a lot of times they have keepsakes and decors about their team. When a special occasion comes, we can give them hockey gifts that they would surely love. The gifts can be personalized and can even be made to congratulate a team or a player if they have won a game.