Seventy Seven Serien Lighting

This minimalist suspension lamp dates back to 1977. In cooperation with its creator – the Dutch architect and Euro
coin designer Bruno Ninaber van Eyben – they have produced a newer, modified edition of the suspension lamp.
Unlike the original version, this lamp can be switched on and off as well as be dimmed to any desired light
intensity. An electronic ballast now also provides flicker-free light, fast lamp start, prolonged lifetime of the
light bulb and high energy efficiency. The reflector can be swivelled, allowing the light direction to be controlled.
Seventy Seven is ideal for lighting up workstations.  The best and wide selection of Serien lighting – Buy at  
ceiling lightserien lighting seventy seven


TV Mounts

Sometimes the house feels a bit crowded with all the things we have and also the things we want to add. We like the new televisions that come out and also the home theater systems that we can add to a room and enjoy. To make it a bit more space saving, tv stands with mounts can be used to mount the TV on a wall or make the TV easier to move when needed. If ever there is a need to move things around, having the TV on a stand with wheels will allow us to just push the TV to a better position along with the DVD or Blu-ray player or home entertainment system.

Home Decoration

Different homes have their own decorations depending on the taste of their owners. Some like simple things and only put modern furniture around the house. Some have different decorations like some picture frames or some fragrances in different parts of the house. Wanting a certain design for the house, people would go to different decoration stores where they can find accessories and fixtures that would complement what is already in the house. The result will be something unique in its own way.

Vintage Tubs

There are people who still prefer the old style and design when it comes to their houses. They have old styled furniture like rustic tables and chairs and even have vintage tubs in their bathrooms. They like how these old styled furniture looks in their homes and how nostalgic it feels especially when they grew up in a similar house with their parents. Some just like the way the furniture is built and prefer having them rather than the modern designs.

Garden Fountains

A fountain placed in a garden can add to its appeal and style. It also somehow make things feel a bit more serene and the flowing water make you calm. Some of the fountains are small and easy to place but there are some who want the bigger fountains to be placed in the middle of their garden. You may find large garden fountains here that may be perfect for your big garden. The addition of a fountain or wall fountain can really make the ambience great.

Teak Furniture

Having furniture made of wood gives a different ambience. In some beach houses and resorts, tables and chairs are sometimes placed outside where there is a great view. Outdoor teak furniture can look great on the porch or by the pool. It can provide a place to enjoy the sun or the beach while eating breakfast or drinking a cup of coffee.

Wooden Furniture

Different people have different tastes. Some like the modern style for furnitures and other like the older ones. Some the wooden style that indulges their rustic vanity or western taste. Sometimes the whole house just has one theme and all of the furniture found in it are rustic or made in wood. It gives off the feeling of an old fashioned home in a modern setting.

Cordless Blinds

Houses usually have curtains to decorate and provide shade to a room. Shades can help keep the bright sunlight from entering the room or to keep the privacy in the room. There are also cordless blinds that provide a sleek look. They are safer because of having no cords that children will play with and pull. They give the room a new look and better design without any cords hanging.

Outdoor Swing

An outdoor swing can be very inviting. We somehow feel like sitting on a porch swing when we see one on  a lazy morning. There are also swings with their own canopy or small roof so they can be used even on a sunny afternoon. It can add so much charm on a house. It feels like being invited to relax and have fun outdoors or to just spend some time chatting away with a friend.

A Shaded Walkway

Shaded walkways in parks and some open malls give people a great place to walk through and also a place to just hang out for a while with family or friends. The way some of the parks are also designed are quite relaxing to the eyes. They have a pergola placed over certain walkways to provide shade and a place for some green plants to grow. Some of these parks even have fountains that make people feel more at ease and serene.