Lab Outfit

Often do we see people who are in the medical field wearing lab coats over their street clothes. It serves as their uniform but also protects their inner clothing from accidental spillage when doing experiments in the lab. Even women doctors have their own lab coat for use in the clinic or hospital. It is quite convenient to just don on the coat and immediately start work without changing into something else. It also already serves as the uniform for those in the medical field.

Medical Carts

Office furniture and equipment are designed for ease of use and movement. Not only the office but also hospitals and clinics have improved equipment that allow for better movement and ease of use. The medical equipment used to be carried or just left on one side of the room where the patient has to be brought. But, with the new medical computer carts, the equipment can easily be moved to a better position depending on the situation. The equipment can also be taken to another room easily if needed.

Oxygen Concentrators

Medical advances in equipment allowed the concentration of oxygen or liquid oxygen in a tank. It is often seen in hospitals and in some industrial facilities where welding is done. Now there are oxygen concentrators like inogen oxygen concentrators that can be used for oxygen therapy. With the oxygen concentrator, there is no need for oxygen tanks and higher concentration of oxygen can be given to the patient.