Mackie Mixers

Can’t say enough good things about mackie mixers, I’ve had a CR 1604 for a year and a 2nd gen mixwiz that’s probably the same age or older. That said my main desk is 2x yamaha 01V built in 98. Both are excellent. With yamaha though they produce many many different types and price points. Over the years they’ve had some good small mackie mixers. In the last 5+ years they’ve been on point though.

Mackie CR 1604

500 series rack

I’m not using the 500 series rack yet, but I’m seriously considering. I was thinking to start with the Elysia XPressor or NVelope & building in a 6 space Lindell 506 Power from there. I was thinking not only for recording but also using on top of my amp live. It allows you to mix and match any pieces depending on what you need, and it gives you a broad selection in just a small number of rack spaces.

lindell audiolindell audiolindell audio

Presonus Firebox

Worked straight out of the box and never missed a beat. Solidly built little fella. I can only compare it to a few other audio interfaces I’ve used in the past (an old USB Tascam USsomething, m-audio mobile pre, a tapco Link.USB and a cheap behringer mixer) and it sounds much better to those rightly so, cheaper, interfaces. No problems with reliability, though I have only used it for getting my sounds into my computer and haven’t exactly stretched it. 2 channels of backing music and 1 channel for click track, should be great for my application. Get your presonus firebox at guitar center.
presonus firebox mixerpresonus firebox firewire
presonus firebox

Affordable Pignose Amps

Pignose AmpI recently went to buy a Pignose for my Tele Deluxe for home/portable use. I ended up with the Pignose Hog 30 Amp instead. It has an 8″ speaker and a 30W amp. Funk Bass switch for extra punch and depth. Also features volume and master volume controls as well as a 3-band EQ. I like it a lot (for what it is), but it depends on the sound your after. They are also very affordable pignose amps. It doesn’t do Fender clean, but then neither do the ‘Noses that I’ve heard. If the Fender sound is your thing, try the Fender Pro Jr.


Izotope Ozone

I use ozone 4 and it is very easy to use.  It is worth every penny.  I am planning to upgrade to Izotope Ozone 5.  I understand they made improvements in a lot of their algorithms. The user interface is also upgraded with a little more felxibilty.  Again very easy to use.  I am not a trained master mixer but learned a lot be just taking a wave and going trough to see what each plugin does. Just play with it, the learning curve is very easy and again worth every penny.  You will be surprised how you can take a mediocre recording and turn it into something special.




Vox AC30

You’re in for a treat if you are going to use an AC30. I believe Mike Blumfield played Les Paul into a AC30. Peter Green is another one. Pedals will become more important than with a single coil cause in my opinon its going to be more picky. Its gonna be some dark and some hairy…all good things. I play mostly through my neck pickup with the tone rolled all the way up and the volume at about 8 (leaving a little room to roll it up the rest when wanted.) My lead or bridge pickup with the tone rolled almost all the way down. The volume I roll almost all the way up, to equal the neck pickup or I roll the volume all the way off to move the switch selector back and forth as a strobe kinda deal (only end one song a set like this, or your gonna look like a douche.) Ac30 and a Paul is awesome in my opinion. If you have gear like your favorite artist all you will ever do is sound like someone who is already getting the credit for that sound. (Cept me, in cover bands..when I get to play, cause that’s sometimes the point). Visit the link to shop vox ac30

Vocal Mic

A lot of people love to sing. They sing in karaokes, in parties and even at home. Some have their own mini karaoke systems at home and are able to sing their favorites songs any time. To make the voice even more natural, a microphone like the Shure SM57 at Music123 is used. It can be really fun hearing yourself sing like a professional.

Amp for the Guitar

Electric guitars are quite popular and are used by a lot of musicians and especially rock bands. They create a different sound going through their amplifiers and out the speakers. But not only electric guitars can be used with amplifiers. Some use Marshall amps for their acoustic guitars. Any guitar player can connect their guitars to an amp for better and crisp sound. They may like blues, rock, pop or any kind of music. The amp would help enhance the sound for a lot of people to enjoy.

Musical Instruments and Accessories

There are different musical instruments that bands use. The most popular are of course the keyboard and guitar. There are also gadgets and other electronics that are used like amplifiers, speakers, microphones and stands. There are different manufacturers that have all of the instruments and accessories or focus on certain types of instruments used for bands and concerts. Some prefer certain brands like top Peavey instruments and amplifiers. They want to make sure that the devices and instruments are compatible with each other. There is less worry when the instruments and gadgets were designed for each other.


Though many people like playing the piano or the guitar, there are also those who like to play other instruments like the violin, flute or clarinet. They all have a certain sound that distinguishes them from other instruments. Someone who is interested in musical instruments can be given gifts like trombones or Yamaha clarinets at wwbw. If they are interested in a certain instrument, it will surely be a great gift for them and you would immediately hear them trying to play it.