Paris Luxury Apartment

I’ve used for Paris apartment rentals. It seemed to work pretty good for me. The Paris Luxe people just match you up and host the listings. They do more than that, but that’s it in a nutshell.

The apartments are high end, beautifully decorated and have great amenities. I have used them almost every time that I go to Paris. You will not be disappointed for sure.

I plugged in Paris during mid-April for 4 nights and quite a few availability came up. Give it a look and see.

Swimsuit for Size 6 D Cup


You should check out Profile by Gottex if you are looking for a swimsuit the will fit your generous bust size.

The tops and bottoms are sold separately. Bottoms come from bikini to more modest swim skirts. You can mix and match.  It is not easy to find such a supportive and attractive suit like the profile by gottex line.

The top actually has a real, true, actual cup size underwire bra built in. Not just a shelf bra (bigger chested gals know how useless those are) and not just a “S-M-L-XL type of bra. The bra actually hooks in the back, but that’s covered by the swimsuit. Hard to describe, but once you see it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely ingenious. It’s like wearing a real, true, proper fitting underwire bra under your swimsuit for great support.

The cups are lightly padded–just enough to prevent NP but not so much as to add any size.

They come up to Cup Size E. They aren’t cheap, but you will never feel so comfortable and so confident in a bathing suit. And absolutely no worries about “wardrobe malfunctions” even on the widest water slide.

I can’t endorse these enough. I’ve worn all the others–Carol Wior for example–and

Warm Jackets

Warm jackets or sweaters will be needed if travelling to a place where it is cold or snowy. The jacket should keep you warm and cozy even if you have to work outdoors on a cold day. A Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T would be a great gift to a person that is always outdoors because of work or if he just likes to travel even in the cold. It would help in shielding him a bit from the cold when hiking playing in the cold weather.

Limo Service

Companies and businesses sometimes get the services of drivers or arrange for a limousine service for their representatives. The people that travel to another state or country may be managers or high ranking officials and the companies arrange for the limo service for convenience in travel. It will also be easier for them because they do not need to worry on how to get to their destination. There are limousine service that can handle any occasion and provide good service like the limo service Tampa Fl.

Helmet for Safe Riding

Every rider we see on the streets wear their own helmet. It keeps the eyes and head protected while driving. The dust and small dirt that may hit the eyes and head while on the road is blocked by the helmet. Helmets like Nolan helmets have different designs that may appeal to different people but are all designed for safety plus with added features like bluetooth kits or replacement face shields.

Destination Manager

Sometimes we would just like to take a vacation somewhere and just let someone lead us to great places to visit. We go to travel agencies and have them arrange our itinerary, get a vacation package or join a tour and just relax and see the sights. It’s nice to take the back seat from time to time and have less worries and let those who have destination manager jobs do their work. They would know the best places to see and the places that you can go for relaxation and fun. It would be a vacation to look forward to.

Assistance on the Road

Having an RV can be a problem when you experience a breakdown on the road. Even if it’s only a flat, it can really be hard changing the tires if you have the right tools. It can also be a let-down when you’re going to a vacation spot and all are ready for a fun time. It would be better to have rv emergency roadside assistance. In case of emergencies like breakdowns, it is easy to leave the vehicle to professionals that can take care of the problem. You can still enjoy the vacation while the vehicle is being repaired.

Roadside Assistance

We don’t really know what may happen on the road. But it really helps taking precautions like regular check ups for the vehicle. Though this is done, there is still a slim chance like a breakdown or a flat tire may happen. If the vehicle is used for business, it must be brought to the repair shop and repaired immediately. Having roadside assistance is needed at a time like this. There’s a bit less worry when helped by professionals. There are also services for RV owners who wants worry free travels.

Caribbean Cruise

From time to time, people need to take time off to relax or go on a vacation. It may be in the Caribbean, the alps or maybe in Europe. Work can really be stressful and a bit or relaxation can help a person get back on the right track. A vacation can also be offered as a prize for an employee. A Royal Caribbean cruise to a vacation destination would really be a prize to look forward to. It would be going on a vacation in style and comfort.