Fashion Jewellery

Fashion JewelleryFashion Jewellery

Imitation jewellery and fashion jewellery are not the same. Both types can look very cheap, but if well made they look great.  You can find a lot of great looking fashion jewelry online. I have some really beautiful “cheap” pieces, but when I wear them I get stopped and receive comments about their beauty.

Now that is value to me. I don’t get the same remarks when I wear the few pieces of fine jewellery I possess.

I have sold a few pieces basically by wearing them (not the ones I am wearing, but of the same I have in stock).

I was in Prague a few years back and snagged a few fashion jewellery items for myself and my Mom. They are very well-made, but since they are not trying to imitate expensive jewellery they don’t look cheap at all.



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