Tissot 2 Year Guarantee

In order to get the Tissot 2 Year Guarantee or in my case the international warranty you need to buy it from an Authorized dealer. As long as you get a little wallet sized card with the date of purchase, reference number, stamp of dealer and serial # your all good. Now I don’t know if you get a watch from amazon or the dealer on ebay, if it comes with this stuff. So before you buy online you should make sure all this stuff is available to you

I would also recommend checking out Tissot’s website for information on the warranty and also they have a FAQ on the list of Tissot watches including all the ISO standards built in to the watch.


Maracas For Orchestral Percussion

For orchestral percussion, you will need a good set of bongos (pref on stand), congas (at least 2),a few different sized cow bells,  ago go bells,a tube shaker,rhythmtech tc-fml large maracas at guitar center, caxixi (woven basket  shakers), claves,tabourine, small thin crash that will

respond to your hand,triangle,samba whistleflexitone,affuche  vibra slap,guiro timbales,rain stick,wood block,.  That should be a good start to get any work with a band, providing of course that you can play these instruments.

Software Security Solutions

Honestly, 90% of the “hacking” books and resources out there are junk. While they may give you insight into how script kiddies work, most don’t go much further than that.

The only true way to understand computer security is to understand systems (software and/or hardware in some cases) very thoroughly. In wholly understanding a given system, you will also be able to identify its weak points and vulnerabilities.

Other good resources are:

National Vulnerability Database
The Open Source Vulnerability Database

Having said all that, it’s been quite some time since I invested any time into security-related matters, so there may be other resources that I’m not aware of.

Best Fiberfill

I’m building my first pond (approx. 600 gallons) and I want to build my own filter as well. The cheapest and best fiberfill that I saw is the polyester fiberfill that I will use as a mechanical filter media.  This stuff is very similar to what is used in our power filter for our indoor aquarium, and I thought that since this stuff was relatively inexpensive, that it would be good for this purpose.  I would use the polyester fiberfill on top of a layer of lava rock (as the biomass part of the filter) and then a coarser material (screen or mesh) on top of that to catch the big stuff.



Paris Luxury Apartment

I’ve used parisluxeapt.com for Paris apartment rentals. It seemed to work pretty good for me. The Paris Luxe people just match you up and host the listings. They do more than that, but that’s it in a nutshell.

The apartments are high end, beautifully decorated and have great amenities. I have used them almost every time that I go to Paris. You will not be disappointed for sure.

I plugged in Paris during mid-April for 4 nights and quite a few availability came up. Give it a look and see.

E.R. Wagner

E.R. Wagner Manufacturing Company began operations in 1900,  and has been manufacturing and supplying high quality, diversified hinges, stampings, tubular products,  caster and wheels to the  industry and the other fields. They  have various models, with constant improvements in manufacturing techniques and process. The engineering teams of er Wagner are fully qualified to perform any duties as required by their customers.




JBL SpeakerI usually work with quite few systems ( not all at the same time but depending on the venues we go to) – we use JBL SRX , Mackie systems, Turbosound aspect (100.000 watts RMS) and few other systems like Dynacord and so on. On any of these speakers i have never had a problem in 25+ years. JBL is well known for making solid and dependable speaker systems and it is uncommon to hear about any of their components failing.


Swimsuit for Size 6 D Cup


You should check out Profile by Gottex if you are looking for a swimsuit the will fit your generous bust size.

The tops and bottoms are sold separately. Bottoms come from bikini to more modest swim skirts. You can mix and match.  It is not easy to find such a supportive and attractive suit like the profile by gottex line.

The top actually has a real, true, actual cup size underwire bra built in. Not just a shelf bra (bigger chested gals know how useless those are) and not just a “S-M-L-XL type of bra. The bra actually hooks in the back, but that’s covered by the swimsuit. Hard to describe, but once you see it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely ingenious. It’s like wearing a real, true, proper fitting underwire bra under your swimsuit for great support.

The cups are lightly padded–just enough to prevent NP but not so much as to add any size.

They come up to Cup Size E. They aren’t cheap, but you will never feel so comfortable and so confident in a bathing suit. And absolutely no worries about “wardrobe malfunctions” even on the widest water slide.

I can’t endorse these enough. I’ve worn all the others–Carol Wior for example–and

Affordable Pignose Amps

Pignose AmpI recently went to buy a Pignose for my Tele Deluxe for home/portable use. I ended up with the Pignose Hog 30 Amp instead. It has an 8″ speaker and a 30W amp. Funk Bass switch for extra punch and depth. Also features volume and master volume controls as well as a 3-band EQ. I like it a lot (for what it is), but it depends on the sound your after. They are also very affordable pignose amps. It doesn’t do Fender clean, but then neither do the ‘Noses that I’ve heard. If the Fender sound is your thing, try the Fender Pro Jr.


Izotope Ozone

I use ozone 4 and it is very easy to use.  It is worth every penny.  I am planning to upgrade to Izotope Ozone 5.  I understand they made improvements in a lot of their algorithms. The user interface is also upgraded with a little more felxibilty.  Again very easy to use.  I am not a trained master mixer but learned a lot be just taking a wave and going trough to see what each plugin does. Just play with it, the learning curve is very easy and again worth every penny.  You will be surprised how you can take a mediocre recording and turn it into something special.