Pure Amygdalin

The seeds of apricot, peach, etc(most concentrated form of vit b-17/amygdalin of all the foods)..are not toxic, you can safely eat even 10 at once if you wanted to. hehe.. keep in mind that even life-essential water or oxygen is fatal if taken in unnaturally large doses.

Laetrile is a synthetic which adds a second glucose molecule to the nitriloside Amygdalin, thereby making it easier for the body to assimilate. (Laetrile is not Amygdalin.  Laetrile is a man made element. pure amygdalin occurs naturally in nature).  Actually, for years, standard pharmacology reference books have described this substance [laetrile] as “non-toxic”. Asprin is 20 times more toxic than the equievelant amount of laetrile, and it’s even less toxic than sugar.

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